Historic Times

thumb kos-historic-times-1In historic times, around the tenth century BC, the Dorians settled on the island and according to Herodotos, they came from Argolida. In ancient times Kos took part in the Doric
sixth city, together with the three cities of Rhodes (Lindos, Ialyssos and Camiros) Knido and Alikarnassou which had as their religious centre the temple of Apollo at the Cape of Triopio on the coast of Asia Minor. Stravona’s report about the transfer of the capital of Kos – Astipalia shows that Kos was deserted and so the capital was moved to Isthmioton near Kefalos. However, more recent excavations have shown a thriving city of Kos- Meropida on the hill of Seragion. At the end of the ancient period, Kos took part in the Persian strategy against Greece, but after the defeat of the Persians, Kos became a member Kos Island - Historic Timesof the 1st Athenian Alliance(478BC) Settlement continued during classic times until the establishment of the new capital in 366/365 BC. The city was protected by a strong wall and had roads carved out according to the town planning system. During the 4th century BC the island was under the control of Karia Mansolou and in 322BC was liberated by the generals of Alexander the Great. After Alexander’s death and the establishment of Greek kingdoms, Kos had close ties with Ptolemeos of Egypt.
In 308BC Ptolemeos the second Filadelpos was born in Kos and so Kos was placed under his protection. The island had autonomy and didn’t have to pay tax so it flourished economically and became well known for its cultural events. During this period 242BC immunity rights are established and the festival of Asclipio is held which received visitors from all over the nation. During the Roman period Kos holds a friendly position with the Romans with the exception of the period of the First Mithridatikou War 89-85BC.
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