German - English Invasion, Union

Kos Island German - English UnionKos’s future was connected directly with the developments of the 2nd World War. After Musolini’s defeat by the Germans in 1943, German soldiers arrived in Kos and so started
the hard Germanoccupation of Kos, which ended in 1945 with the surrender of Germany. Kos initially was passed on to the English on 8th May 1945. The British command was based in Rhodes and had separated the Dodecanese into six areas. The intentions of the English were to help the Dodecanese during this transitional stage and make it as peaceful as possible to get back in to the normal rhythm of life. In 1946 talks began about uniting with the mainland Greece. On the 2nd May 1946 we had the first local elections. On 31st March 1947 the Brigadier A.S.Parker handed over the Dodecanese to the head of Greek command, Admiral Periklis Ioannidis and on the 7th March 1948 the official union ceremony took place.
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