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1.Where can I be informed about the bus routes to and from villages or airport?
For information on bus routes to and from villages or airport please click here.

2.Where can I find information on ferry routes to the other islands of Dodecanese?
In order to find information on ferry routes connecting Kos to other islands of Dodecanese, please click here.

3.Where can I make a hotel reservation in the city of Kos or in a village of Kos?
In order to make a hotel reservation, please click here.

4.How can I find information on transfer charges and book a vehicle from and to the airport or other places on the island?
In order to find information on Kos transfer as well as on how to book a vehicle, please click here.

5.Where can I rent a car, bicycle or motorbike?
In order to rent a car, bicycle or motorbike, please click here.

6.Where can I get phone numbers of various municipal and government offices?
All the phone numbers of municipal and government offices are listed here.

7.Where can people with disabilities go for their holidays on the island of Kos?
Almost the whole island of Kos is accessible for disabled people. The pavements have ramps for the easy access and movement of disabled people. Large hotels are specially designed for the disabled.

8.Where can I find the phone numbers of hotels in Kos?
In our business directory you will find all the hotel phones in the island. Click here to access the hotel category in the business directory.

9.How can I learn about the distances of villages to the centre of the city of Kos and to the airport?

Distances from the centre of the city of Kos to the villages and airport:

Kos – Zipari: 9 km
Kos - Tigaki: 12 km
Kos - Asfendiou: 14 km
Kos - Pili: 15 km
Kos - Marmari: 15 km
Kos - Mastichari: 32 km
Kos - Antimachia: 25 km
Kos - Kardamena: 30 km
Kos - Kefalos: 42 km
Kos – Airport: 26 km

10.Is there an area at the port of Kos where tourists can store their luggage?
Yes, there is an area at the port of Kos where you can store your luggage in a safe place. For more information please contact at +30 22420 27727.

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