We would like to thank:

Local Council of the Women of Pyli, Municipality of Dikaio “Anaxiklia”
Marinou Anthoula (President), Hatzidavid Anthoula (Vice president), Danelaki – Tritsari Nitsa (Secretary)
Kourouni – Anethreptaki Petroula (Cashier), Yakoumi Sofia (Member), Danelaki Popi (Member)
Aygoula Archontia (Member)

Electoral Commission:

Krotiri Xenia, Royfa-Nikitara Stamatia, Pitsi Georgia

Herbs and Essential Oils

Herbs and Essential OilsChamomile: the flower from this fragrant plant which embeds colourfully Greece’s countryside in spring is a wonderful antiseptic and soothing remedy, and its tea benefits gastrointestinal conditions. Boil its buds calculating 1 teaspoon for every cup of water.
Sage: the aromatic leaves surround our Greek mountains, provide a lovely digestive drink and is considered tonic and antifungal. Also used in hair cosmetics. A teaspoon of leaves is enough for a cup of water.
Mint: extremely pleasant in flavour this spicy herb has tonic and digestive benefits. Both its fresh leaves and blossomed flowers can be used. A spoonful of these in boiling water make a delicious drink.

Spices and Seasonings

Spices and SeasoningsThat little something that adds flavour to a dish is of great importance as it must not alter or ruin its original taste, on the contrary it should improve and enrichen it. In all the recipes included, even though the ingredients are used in such a small quantity their use is essential. Greece’s land provides all these seasonings and spices abundantly. Therefore let us pay more attention to these and we will discover that apart from a ”plus” to taste and smell, they have a lot more to offer.
Parsley: is a plant most frequently used more than any other. It is used fresh not cooked in order to maintain all its nutritional values: it is rich in vitamin C; it is a natural boost and even therapeutical.