Kos Island - AsclepionIn a distance 3.5 kilom. northwest of Kos town, at the slopes of a low mount with a view at the coasts of Asia Minor, there is the monumental complex of Asclepio. The space was
located in the beginnings of 20th century by the German archaeologist R. Herzog and the research continued later Italian archeologists who attempted, and the restoration of the monument projecting mainly to the Roman side. The complex is extended in three mounds. At the lowest a gallery at Π shape (3rd century b. C) that today is maintained in level of foundation, it encompassed the space from the north, east and west side. In the middle of the north side through a propylon was the access in the holy space by a scale. East of the gallery is preserved a complex of Roman thermals (3rd century b. C). West of the ascent scale towards the second mound there is in a Roman alcove in a little temple form statue base, oblation of the Kos Doctor Gaiou Stertiniou Xenofontos.
In the middle mound are remains of the altar of Asclepius (4th century b. C) and opposite the mound is saved the Ionic temple of Asclepius. South of Kos Island - Asclepion Archeologicalthe temple it was the untrodden, where the patients Kos Island - Asclepion Archeological war laying waiting for God’s Help. South of the untrodden there is the entrance of the holly source. East of the altar is placed a small Corinthian temple (2nd century. AD) dedicated, probably, in Apollo. At the third and upper mound dominates the big Dorian temple of Asclepius (2nd century b. C), copy of the corresponding in Epidaurus. The temple is surrounded by gallery at Π shape. The temple in the Early Christian years was changed in to a church with the name Panagia Tarsou. A big department of temple was litho logiest by the Knights of the battalion of Saint Ioannis of Jerusalem.
Kos Island - Asclepion Kos Island - Asclepion Kos Island - Asclepion Kos Island - Asclepion
Kos Island - Asclepion Kos Island - Asclepion Kos Island - Asclepion Kos Island - Asclepion
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