Kos Island Myths - HerculesSon of Hercules and Alcimini, when Virtue and Evil presented themselves and asked him to choose one of their paths, he chose the first. He’s one of the most popular heroes of ancient
times and is considered primogenitor of Kos. According to a myth of Kos, when Hercules left Troy he found himself in a terrible storm which Ira had sent. Hercules and some of his comrades managed to reach Kos, where they met a young shepherd named Antagoras and came into conflict with him. During this conflict with Antagora, Hercules found refuge in Andimahia, where a woman from Thraki dressed in women’s clothing. The conflict spread and Hercules fought with King Europilo, son of Poseidon and the Meropides and he beat them. After the reconciliation Hercules married Europilo’s daughter, Halkiopi, who was the sister of Halkona. Hercules had a son with her, the primogenitor of Thessalia.
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