Rooster in Wine Sauce and Mushrooms

Rooster in Wine Sauce and MushroomsIngredients (serves 6):
1 rooster
2 onions (dry)
200 gr of bacon
3 Daphne leaves
100 gr of brandy
300 gr of mushrooms (Amanita)
Salt, pepper, olive oil
1 ltr of white wine
200 gr of fresh cream
In a pan big enough to fit in the oven, cook the rooster (as a whole). Chop the onion and the bacon and add them in the saucepan stirring now and then. Add the rosemary, the daphne leaves and salt and pepper. After 5-10 minutes, pour the brandy and wait for the alcohol to evaporate, then add the mushrooms and pour all the wine in. Oven cook for 1 hour at 200ο C. When the food is ready pour the fresh cream and let the rooster “soak” in it for 15 minutes. Cut into pieces and serve with mushrooms and the sauce.
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