Hercules in Troy

Kos Hercules in TroyHaving accomplished all twelve labours, Hercules was made to undertake others of lesser importance but none the less, just a perilous. The King of Troy, Laomedon,
commissioned Hercules to slay a sea monster that was decimating Troy and would only be appeased if the king's daughter, Hesione, was to be made it's "bride", this of course meant that the monster would ravage her and kill her. In return, King Laomedon promised to give Hercules the Royal Horses which had been given to the king by Zeus, the father of the gods, himself. Hercules did indeed slay the monster and thus saved Hesione, but the king quickly withdrew his promise. Hercules, enraged, organized a campaign against King Laomedon with the assistance of his friends who were experienced warriors and they killed the king and plundered his kingdom.
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