Spices and Seasonings

Spices and SeasoningsThat little something that adds flavour to a dish is of great importance as it must not alter or ruin its original taste, on the contrary it should improve and enrichen it. In all the recipes included, even though the ingredients are used in such a small quantity their use is essential. Greece’s land provides all these seasonings and spices abundantly. Therefore let us pay more attention to these and we will discover that apart from a ”plus” to taste and smell, they have a lot more to offer.
Parsley: is a plant most frequently used more than any other. It is used fresh not cooked in order to maintain all its nutritional values: it is rich in vitamin C; it is a natural boost and even therapeutical.
Celery: is a very pleasant vegetable, used as a whole, very healthy, contains vitamins and other dietary fibers.
Mint: very aromatic with a pleasant smell. Used therapeutically and aromatically.
Dill: a herb with a very characteristic smell. Used culinary widely but also therapeutically.
Basil: a culinary herb but also lovely to display, easy to plant and to grow, apart from its unique aroma it also has many health benefits.
Oregano: flavourful and aromatic, its scent is very characteristic. Its essential oils have many therapeutical uses.
Rosemary: this spicy woody fragrant herb is simply irreplaceable in any dish. Apart from its therapeutical use, serves also for skin and hair cosmetics.
Daphne: the leaves from the tree bring out the taste in many dishes with their extracts. Used not only for culinary purposes but daphne oils are used therapeutically and for cosmetic purposes.
Caper: a complementary herb to any spicy salad or imaginative food décor, it is merely pickled seeds of a flower. Its sharp biting taste is rich in vitamin C and extremely health beneficial. Onion: holds the number one spot. Extremely essential in culinary use, rarely you will find yourself not using it. Many therapeutical benefits, as it’s good for the heart, the nerves, and the digestive system even serves as a mild sleeping drug. Garlic: basically a bulb of a plant that stands out due to its …repulsive smell however is a great spice to use, with unique medicinal benefits, a natural antiseptic, works against many diseases. Man discovered it from ancient times and considered it valuable as it was food and medicine all in one.

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