Christimas Triangle Cookies

Christimas Triangle CookiesIngredients:
2 packs of butter unsalted
2 eggs (whole)
1 glass of sugar
1 glass of milk (diluted)
2 vanillas
2 ½ packs of self raising flour
½ kilo or walnuts, ground and mixed with sugar for the stuffing
For the syrup:
3 glasses of sugar
2 glasses of water
Some cinnamon and some lemon
Beat the butter with the sugar and the eggs. Add the rest of the ingredients. Mould the dough until it doesn’t stick on your hands. When it’s ready separate into small balls. Open them and add a spoonful of stuffing inside and fold in a triangular shape. After baking, dip them in the cold syrup you’ve prepared. Place them on a plate and sprinkle with walnuts and cinnamon on top.
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