Kos gets ready for 2016 season!

czechThe national television channel of Czech Republic (Czech TV - ČT) is currently hosted on Kos by the Destination Management Company,
Destination One, that has taken the responsibility for the organisation of the their filming on the island, under the supervision of Nikos Sofos, Kos Branch Manager of Destination One.

Our goal is to present the recently organised infrastructure of Kos island and the projection of a positive image of its citizens towards Europe, during the very important period of early bookings. Another target of this effort is to send the message abroad that Kos island will be ready for the current tourist season and that all necessary measures are being taken by the authorities, so that we will not have again a tragic image in the heart of the town.

With scheduled meetings with the responsible official authorities and reliable contacts with local volunteers and associate businesses, the flow of reputable information is being channelled to the Czech media, expecting this to contribute positively to the climate that was created by the mismanagement of the refugee crisis.

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