Watch what more than 200 French play at Ramira Hotel at Kos !

petanque More than 200 French men and women, combine their vacation on the island with petanque competitions ..
The French are staying at the hotel Ramira, where the exterior place is properly configured for the particular sport for those involved in the races. Kosinfo visited them and spoke with the manager of the organization Mr. Zak and his partner Mr. Michel. Both said they were excited with our island and its beauties. They have also visited other islands last year, such as Crete and alongside their holidays they organize competitions.

As they said the particular space and its large extent helps them enjoy the game in a perfect natural environment. Also they state that this sport is popular for older people in France, and along them, participate the best of the kind.

The winner will have a prize of 6,000 euro. The metal balls weighing 710 grams, while the cost for a trio of balls is around 280 euros ..

See the video below

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