Kos, a favored tourist destination, and the island of solidarity

kos-visitorsWith the spotlight turned on the island of Kos, the main tourist destination which is facing a major population influx of refugees from the Turkish coast,

the Mayor of the Island, Mr. George Kyritsis, made the following statement: “Lately, Kos has welcomed refugees and migrants seeking refuge in Europe via Greece. The issue of the control and management of the migration flow is a European problem, and exceeds the capabilities of a small island like Kos. However, with the concerted efforts of the local authorities, citizens, local entrepreneurs, to name but a few, we have managed for seven months to provide assistance and support to immigrants. Simultaneously, we have strived to combine tourism and local solidarity without upsetting the overall experience of visitors to our island.

In the last few days, the local authorities have set up fully equipped administrative offices in order to maximize the identification process so as to swiftly process refugee credentials. This was and is temporary, as a solution has been reached and the refugees are scheduled to depart from the island. It is worth noting that the aforementioned incident, which received considerable publicity, was an isolated occurrence, and was confined to the area in which the stadium is located only. The specific area in which the isolated incident arose is far removed from the thousands of tourists who safely enjoy their summer holidays on Kos and continue to experience our exceptional hospitality.

The identification of refugees and migrants takes place in a restricted area and does not under any circumstance disturb the regularity of local life. Kos is and remains the 4th most popular tourist destination in Greece and continues to await the welcome arrival
of its guests. 

Municipality of Kos
Press office

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