Kos went to Berlin ... Photo & video from the International Tourism Exhibition ITB 2015

Untitled-1With very positive signs for tourism in Greece, the International Tourism Exhibition ITB 2015 completed, which was held on 4-8 March 2015 in Berlin.

 The ITB Berlin 2015, was characterised as one of the most important exhibitions worldwide for the travel industry, both in terms of quality and numbers. The number of exhibitors visited reached 10.096 exhibitors from 186 countries and of course among them was Greece, the South Aegean Region, and Kos with its own stand.

More specifically, the report was attended by 175,000 visitors, a record number in the history of ITB with an increase of 15% compared to last year. Among the visitors were professionals in the world tourism business, travel agents, ordinary visitors that are interested in their holidays, representatives from politics, mayors and prefects with the aim of making social and professional networking in the tourism industry. Among them from the Region of Southern Aegean was George Hadjimarkos, Deputy Mayor of Kos Elias Sifakis and Elena Kountoura, who were very much present in Kos stand.

The deputy mayor of Kos. Sifakis was satisfied by the presence of Kos in the tourist exhibition, since the Municipality of Kos in cooperation with entrepreneurs of the island, participated in a well-organized and independent stand, while appears optimistic, as reservations are highly positive and contacts with Tour Operators and with low-cost airlines have paid off.

The stand of Kos, was located next to the kiosk of Greece and in combination with the adjacent stand of the South Aegean Region, formed a unity. Guests were informed of the cultural heritage, historic sites, our gastronomy, received extensive promotional and informational material, while there were some targeted actions and meetings to attract more tourists. The demand for our island steadily rise, despite economic and political circumstances, as the Germans declared their desire to visit Kos, if necessary and without group.

The exhibition was covered this year by 5.180 accredited journalists from 75 countries and approximately 350 bloggers from 29 countries. Kostoday was present, and in cooperation with Nikiforos Pittaras and Art and Commercial studio travels you to Berlin with many photos and a short video.

See you at the next ITB Berlin, which celebrates 50 years and will take place 9-13th Maarch 2016. Kos and Kostoday will be there to continue the effort for our island.

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