Hippocratic oath ceremony – Patrick’s Bui oath (photos/ video)

orkosThe French doctor Patrick Bui, known for his social work, candidate for Nobel, came today at Kos. The doctor went to Kos Town Hall,

, where he was welcomed and received souvenirs and books. Apart from the doctor, senior officials were also attended. In their statements there was an intention to have the world congress of the Lions, take place at Kos, which means that our island will become a magnet for millions of members of Lions (1.410.000), from 210 countries worldwide and 45,500 clubs of Lions.

After the formal meeting they went to Asklipion for the Hippocratic oath. After the French doctor's oath, all the guests, went to DIIK, where they saw the Botanical Garden, the office of Hippocrates and the Museum, talking about the tactics and methods of the father of medicine Hippocrates.

Here you will find the text of the Hippocratic oath

For more photos and videos click HERE

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