The English Milit. Command - The Greek Milit. Command – Integration

dodecanese-islandsOn May 9th 1945, after the signing of the protocol of Simi, which was about the unconditional surrender of the Dodecanese to the Allies, the English took over full authority in Kos from
the Germans. The local authorities were re-established.The Greek schools, which were closed since 1938, reopened.The people were liberated from the suffering caused by Italian Fascism and German Nazism. Although the English coveted the occupation of the Dodecanese, promoting the idea of autonomy under the British Crown, the decision of the Foreign Ministers of the Great Powers in Paris (27.06.1946) gave an end to the English occupation by granting these islands to Greece. That decision was approved at the peace conference again in Paris (10.02.1947) and on May 31st 1947 the Greek Armed Forces took over the administration of the island from the English. The official festive celebration of the unification with Greece was on March 7th 1948.
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