Tomato Spoon Sweet

Tomato Spoon SweetIngredients:
25 medium small tomatoes
1 kilo of sugar
½ kilo of almonds
½ lemon juice
2 vanillas
Water, enough to cover the pieces
Milk of lime
Peel the cherry tomatoes, open 2 holes on the bottom part and with a toothpick take out all the seeds. Wash them once and leave them in the milk of lime for 10 minutes. Continue by washing 5-6 times until very clean, drain and then place almonds in each little tomato. Place the tomatoes in a saucepan and dredge with sugar. Leave to stand for 12 hours. Then put as much water necessary to cover the tomatoes. Place on heat until they set and add the lemon juice and the vanillas. Let them cool and store in jars.
Pitsi Paraskevi
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